Recreation & Tourism

Recreation & Tourism

Experience the Beauty

Visit Box Canyon

During the summer months, our staff would be happy to discuss our electric generation facility with you. Tours begin in the Visitor Center with an explanation and demonstration of how electricity is generated at Box Canyon Dam. Just outside the building, the tour will continue with a narrative description of specific points of interest.

Also available to visitors are many interesting historical photos and videos of the dam’s construction. Directly south of the dam structure is our Viewpoint which offers picturesque views of Box Canyon Dam and the Pend Oreille River.

Select the Google Map image at the bottom of the web page for directions.

Recreation along the River

The 55-mile reservoir between Newport and Box Canyon is a gateway for visitors to enjoy the splendor of this natural wonderland.

Campbell Park, at Box Canyon, provides a beautiful campground, swimming, and other outdoor activities for travelers and local outdoor enthusiasts.

Boat Launches

Launches available at Ione, Cusick, and Newport provide easy access to the river. Boaters enjoy mile after mile of clear, sparkling water and panoramic views.


Resorts and campgrounds along the river provide year-round accommodations for visitors.


Dam Safety - It is critically important to not only understand the scope of the danger dams can present, but also be aware of the many ways you can keep yourself safe and avoid a tragedy.  There are a huge number of things that can go wrong near dams, so it is always best to avoid them and stay a safe distance away both upstream and downstream.  Remember - keep your distance, keep your life.   

If you choose to go out on a waterway for recreational purposes, make sure you follow these tips:

  • Know the area: Check maps or speak with locals to get information about hazards on that waterway. If swimming or fishing, always remain a safe distance from the structure to avoid sudden currents. If kayaking, canoeing, or boating, always portage around the structure or turn around well before reaching the dam to avoid being pulled over.
  • Read the signs: Obey any and all posted signage and barriers in the area, including flood warnings, restricted access signs, portage signs, or other posted signs.
  • Dress for danger: Wear a personal floatation device and safety whistle if you are boating, fishing, swimming, or otherwise recreating in or around a waterway.
  • Tell someone your plans: Let someone know, such as a friend or family member, when and to where you are heading out, and let them know when you return so they know you are safe.
  • If you see someone in trouble, do not enter: Never enter the water yourself to try and help someone. Instead, call 911 and use a remote assistive device, such as a rope or throw bag, to try and pull them back to safety.