Customer-Generated Power

Customer-Generated Power

Generating your own power

While many of our customers get their electricity from the PUD, a few customers have chosen to install customer-owned generators in order to supply some, or all, of their electricity needs. For these customer-generators, the PUD offers a net metering program that allows the owner to store, in the form of financial credits, any energy they have generated that is in excess of immediate needs.

Customer-generators with a capacity of 100kW or less, supplying electricity from a fuel cell, solar, wind or hydroelectric facility are eligible to participate in the PUD’s net metering program. The PUD participates in the renewable energy cost recovery incentive payment program. Incentive details can be found here: WSU Energy Program, Renewable Energy System Incentive Program. Additionally, federal tax incentives are available in certain circumstances.

Information on the federal tax incentives available can be found here: Federal Renewable Energy Tax Incentive Program

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To apply to be a customer-generator for the district, please click to download the Application for Interconnecting Generation