Cross Connection Control

Cross Connection Control

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Pend Oreille PUD has a Cross Connection Control Program and has the responsibility to protect the public water system from contamination due to cross connections.

  •  A cross-connection is any actual or potential physical connection between a drinking water system and any other non-potable substance (liquid, solid, or gas).
  • Backflow occurs when water or other substances flow in the opposite direction than intended allowing contaminants to enter the public water system or consumer’s plumbing.
  • A backflow incident occurs when biological, chemical, or physical contaminants enter the drinking water supply (under backflow conditions) via unprotected cross-connections. Backflow incidents may cause injury, illness, or death.
  • Backflow prevention assemblies are mechanical devices installed on water service lines (or at plumbing fixtures) to prevent backflow of contaminants into drinking water through cross-connections.

For additional information on cross connections & health hazards due to drinking water systems becoming polluted or contaminated through uncontrolled cross connections, please visit: Cross Connection Brochure.

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